Medegenic Keyboard & Mouse

Esterline, Advanced Input Systems has developed a smart infection-control keyboard that helps monitor its own cleaning status to safeguard both patient and staff. The Medigenic™ keyboard’s flat design quickly wipes clean with hospital-grade disinfectants. Users can touch-type with excellent tactile key response to swiftly document care.
The easily cleaned Medigenic high-data rate keyboard is designed for use in medical environ-
ments. Unlike conventional computer keyboards that can harbor reservoirs of harmful bacteria, this state-of-the-art device from Advanced Input Systems promotes cleanliness to combat cross-contamination. In just seconds, the Medigenic keyboard’s smooth non-porous surface can be clinically cleaned by utilizing
a hospital-approved germicidal spray or wipe, including alcohol-based compounds. There are
no raised keys to wipe around. No covers requiring replacement or disposal. No reason for submersion and drying. The Medigenic keyboard allows for easy disinfecting, which is essential for a clean medical environment.

  • Sanitize in Seconds: flat keyboard design quickly wipes clean with hospital-grade disinfectants.
  • Medigenic Alert System: indicator will flash at defined intervals to help monitor and promote good infection-control practices. Cleaning the keyboard turns off indicator.
  • High-Speed Data Entry: full-size keyboard enables healthcare professionals to touch-type with conventional keyboard-like performance.
  • Backlit Keys: keyboard is usable in low-light environments to accommodate data-input accuracy and reduce patient disturbance.
  • Disinfection without Disconnection: single disable key allows connectivity while keyboard is cleaned.