Infection Control Devices

Cycom is a distributor of the Medigenic line of Medical Infection Control Mice and Keyboards. We are also the OEM for Medical Grade, All-In-One (AIO) computers. Hospitals are naturally pandemic with the opportunities for germs, bacteria and other pathogens to flourish within ill-fitting equipment nooks and crannies. Therefore, keyboards, mice, screens and processors should be redesigned to help prevent and control these hospital-acquired infections (HAIs). Cycom offers a new generation of high-performance computer equipment (featuring the Intel 2nd generation Core i3/i5 mobile CPU), and peripherals specifically designed with these medical environments in mind. These processors, screens, keyboards and mice are all designed with smooth, tight-fitting, easy-to-clean surfaces which feature an effective, Anti-bacteria (MRSA) plastic housing. They are easy to keep sanitary: simply wipe with any standard, hospital-grade disinfectant.