Collaboration Continuum

We help you to convert your traditional boardroom to “Smart Boardroom”? We bring it all  together under one easy way to use interface for equipment like projectors, computers, video, lighting, microphones and audio, all “just work” at the touch of a button.  So whether you need to simplify your technology, or make a great first impression on clients, automating your boardroom is a logical next step for your technology growth.

Our AV System will provide the following:

  • Simplicity: Set your conference room setup in one touch to include lighting, audio, video, shades, and temperature.
  • Flexibility: Build your system gradually. Start with the highest priority items and add more over time.
  • Cost Efficient: Existing electronics can be integrated into your Smart System.
  • Centralized: All of your systems are accessible from a single intuitive touch screen.