Cloud Computing

Cycom is dedicated to the proposition that cloud deployments bring much higher and faster returns on investment than more conventional, on-site systems. Cloud computing is a service where information is permanently stored within servers in the internet and temporarily stored, or cached, on client computers, desktops, laptops, notebooks, mobile devices and others. The main benefit of the cloud is cost savings. Customers usually do not own the cloud—they merely rent it, or pay for subscriptions as they use it from any location worldwide. If you have access to the Internet, then you and your customers can have access to the cloud. Typically, security improves when moving your business to a cloud service. In addition, the use of fewer infrastructure requirements means lower energy needs, fewer people to train and a positive, more sustainable impact on the environment. Reliability and scalability are also key cloud service benefits. If you use YouTube or Hotmail, you are already familiar with the cloud, so you know it is easy to use. Cycom can help deliver all of these excellent cloud benefits to your business.